Weeks 1 and 2 Done (Before the end of week 1)

I just finished up week 2 of the new Coursera course I’m taking and wanted to pop in to jot down what I thought and share my first assignment. Week 1 was an introduction and some basic information about how the internet works. Some of it was interesting, but for the most part it was a review for me.

Week 2 got a lot more interesting as we were introduced to codepen.io, a in browser editor for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You write code and it automatically displays the result in a window right along side. Pretty cool. The first part of this week we went over simple HTML which was a review for me again, but I was really in need of a refresher so it was good. Plus I’ve never worked with HTML5, although it seems the basics are identicle to HTML4. These basics came back to me fairly well and was again reminded of when Mrs. Franks would come get me from my 9th grade English class to go to her Grade 12 Information Processing Class and help explain the concepts of HTML. If I recall she even gave me a copy of Adobe Dreamweaver to learn at home and then teach to her so she could teach her classes. Looking back I wish I was given a chance to really learn how to code in High School. We didn’t have a CS course and I knew more than all the teachers about it. At that point the thought never crossed my mind to do more self learning. Stupid kid.

After going over the basic HTML we got to one of the parts of the course I was most excited for. CSS! I had never ever touched CSS before. I had a basic idea of what it was, but that was it. I had always tried to muddle through and make ugly web pages using presentational HTML. Not good, but it was all I knew. CSS is cool. And so far what I’ve learned and looked up hasn’t been too hard to do! Yay! Memorizing it could be another story, but on of the instructors said flat out not to try to memorize it and that CS was as much about knowing where and how to look up information as it was about knowing the information. So, that’s cool and I’ve started to try to build up a library of bookmarks to help. I’ll list what I have so far for Web Development below.

Do you know of any great resources I’m missing? I’d love to add to my collection!

Know, onto what I made for my assignment. I had to pick a topic I could write about and come up with lists and tables for and write a webpage in HTML and CSS. It needed to include a few specific things too. Here, I’ll post a snip of the assignment for you.

Instructions for Week 2's Assignment

Assignment Instructions

So, without further ado:

Comments? Critiques? Thoughts on how CSS should be organized? Mine is all over the place! Should it be in order relative to the HTML that it styles? That wouldn’t always work when you are styling elements that appear in multiple places… Is it generally fine to have it disorganized?

Leave your thoughts, comments and resource links below.


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