A Small Update

I had part of a post written up a few weeks ago, but I guess it didn’t save. Been a while… I pretty much haven’t done any work on coding in the past month, but motivation struck again, so here I am. I keep ideas for things I want to code or additions I want to make for the apps I have planned to make, but I don’t know how to implement them. I previously said I would be updating twice a week, but I’m going back on that. It felt like a job at that stage and when something came up that meant I couldn’t meet my self imposed deadline, I got discouraged. I’m learning to code FOR FUN, so from now on updates will come when they come.

So here I am. Back at MyBringBack going over tutorials.

The first tutorial I checked out was Number 18 on creating a scroll view. Nothing real magical here. It was pretty basic. I’ll just put up a picture of the code and the result.

The code for Scroll View (Both the linear layout and scroll view tags are closed after a series of buttons

The scroll in Action, although a bit hard to show in a still image


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