In Search of a New Source of Knowledge

UI Fragments on a tablet vs a Phone screen

The most exciting part of my recent lessons

This will be a pretty quick update. I’ve been following through the Lesson’s on Google’s Android Dev site and while the first lesson on Building Your First Application was great and really helped, I am starting to become disappointed in the lessons. I’ve done a few more lessons covering subjects like Activity Lifecycle, Supporting Different Devices (and Lauguages) and Building a UI with Fragments. It seems like beyond that first lesson where we built an app the lessons have become more theory and less practical. This shift has made it harder for me to follow along and get anything out of the lessons. Without actually having something to code it has become harder for me to get a feel for what is truly being taught. I understood the part on Languages just fine and think that the different values folders is a great way to handle it. Easy to package and add new languages after the fact. Different device sizes is handles in a similar way, but since it dealt with different layout files and didn’t walk through how to create them the lesson was lost on me a little bit. I am hoping that I’m still getting a bit of understanding from them, and that later on I will find myself using this information. It is neat that they come with sample applications you can download, but I would much rather they walk us through CREATING those apps so we can see how it works. At this point I think it will soon be time to find a new learning resource. I’ve been reading through a book called Hello Android and I think it might be my next main focus. The introduction mentioned creating a Suduko App and then as you learn new things you keep adding to the app. That sounds interesting and like a better way for me personally to learn. I have no doubt that in the future I will be returning to the Google dev site to look things up and learn about specific things as they come up, but for now, I need something holding my hand as I go and that keeps me coding. I guess I’m a learn by doing type of person, not a learn by reading.

On a different note I have used dropbox to import the application I made and mentioned in my last post to both my Tablet and Phone in AIDE. I was able to successfully compile the project and run it on both devices so that is good news. It means I should be able to create apps in Eclipse on my PC and then work on them while I’m on the go. I think this will be important when I get to the stage to be able to work on my own projects as I can utilise breaks at work and whatnot to do it.
One last thing: I’m really happy to see my blog getting as many hits as it has been. Thanks to all who have been visiting and commenting. especially to those that have answered a few of my questions. Please keep coming around and if there is anything specific you want me to write more about just let me know.

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