When we last left off I had 3 “apps” I was trying to create. I still have 3 apps I am trying to create. I haven’t really had much progress on any of them. I have spoken with the makers of AIDE through their Google + page and found out that Acer android devices seem to have a bug, or at least difference in their firmware that caused issues building apps from code made in AIDE. This seems to lead to the issues I have been seeing. Someone mentioned they were able to take that code and compile it in an app called Terminal IDE so I downloaded that have played around with it a little bit. To be honest terminals scare me a little bit. I much prefer working from a nice IDE like AIDE or Eclipse/Netbeans. To that end, I still have not full configured either for actual Android development which is my main goal in all this. In fact, I have sort of decided to back away from learning Java on it’s own, and focus more on actual Android development. I know the very basics of Java now and feel that focusing on Android will be more advantageous to me. I’ll configure Eclipse and/or NetBeans for android development within the next week, but I’d really like to continue to code using my Tablet. With the bug in AIDE and Acer firmware I cannot compile my code directly on my tablet. AIDE includes a sync option to both dropbox and GIT. I don’t know what GIT is, but I’m a heavy user of DropBox. I’m thinking I should be able to code on my tablet with it’s larger screen and wireless keyboard and then sync to dropbox, sync again on my Galaxy Note phone and compile there. I have yet to try it, but if this works I should be set. The first app I want to make is actually a tablet app so compiling it right there would be really helpful in testing the layout. Oh well, we can’t have it all!
… Hours later…
I deleted everything from my Development dropbox folder. I didn’t want the half finished projects weighing me down and thought it was time to start with a clean slate. I pulled up a tutorial direct from Google’s Android Developers site and set to work on my tablet (Am I a sucker for punishment?). It all started off fairly well and I even was able to change the layout and run right on my tablet. I made a user input field and a button. Then it started to get a bit more complicated, but I calmly followed the directions and copied down the code I needed to. All was looking good and then: The red X and squiggly underline started popping up all over the place. By the time I was done following the tutorial I should have had an app that had a text input and button where when you input text and hit the button, the text you put in appears on  a new screen in a bigger font. Instead I ended up with 24 errors. And these errors do not make sense as the syntax is exactly as it shows on the tutorial. I think my issue MIGHT be in libraries. I don’t understand them and in the tutorial it mentioned (very breifly) that Eclipse would have all the libraries needed. But… I’m not using Eclipse… And I don’t WANT to use eclipse. I also tried to sync with my phone to compile, but it shows the same 24 errors so there goes that idea. Next step: Configure Android SDK in Eclipse and try again.

Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

And then it was supposed to make a new page (activity) with that text on it.

As a side note, I found a blog where an Android developer used to post his monthly income from developing… Wow, it has gotten me excited to get going with this journey. I’m not sure why because I haven’t really felt a need to sell the apps I plan on making. I was thinking a donation link would be all I would include, and no ads. But if I can make the first few successful apps I might look at ideas for apps I could monetize. That thought is obviously getting WAY ahead of myself. Let’s step back and continue the journey of learning to code first.


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